"There is an authority which comes essentially from the devotion to the object of concern." Fritz Rau


Since April 2023 – my new Guitar Studio for Classical Guitar (Atelier Klassische Gitarre)


- Coaching for professional guitarists (refining a modern and integrative guitar technique, a differentiated interpretation, repertoire advice and development)


- Postgraduate mentoring of graduates, preparation for a master's degree exams and tests, intensive preparation for competitions


- Methodological/ didactic advice, supervision for guitar teachers


- Seminars and workshops with invited guests on subject-specific topics such as ornamentation of Renaissance and Baroque music on the guitar, new didactic literature, history etc.


- “Reconstruction” of guitar teachers who have been inactive for a long time, support for a new self-confident artistic identification, performance training and sensitization of artistic self-perception)


- Classical guitar lessons for adult amateurs with no musical background







Aside from that -


- From 2012 to 2022 I taught classical guitar (BA, MA, chamber music) at the Bremen University of the Arts (www.hfk-bremen.de) in the field of artistic training.


- I regularly teach at international festivals and at various conservatories and universities internationally; e.g. as "Artist in Residence" at Mount Royal University in Calgary/Canada etc.


- Together with Prof. Jens Wagner (hfk Bremen) I directed the Bremen GuitarArt Festival (www.bremenguitarart.de) and it's bienal Youth Competition.


-I'm on the management team of the International Guitar Academy Berlin festival.


- Since 2022 I have been the artistic director of the LGO Sachsen-Anhalt (state guitar orchestra).

- regular workshops for new music with guitar for EJM.